Disaster Restoration

Fire, Water & Earthquake Restoration

We understand and sympathize with you in your current situation. The Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. team is here to help you handle every aspect of the fire, water, earthquake rebuilding process. Over 25 years of experience has taught us the best way to handle rebuilding a major building loss is to break the process down in to three big steps. 


Our tried and true plan of action means a fast and fair resolution with your insurance company. 

· Full Service Damage Inspection 

We perform a comprehensive inspection of your residence/building. All of the details down to the little things like the quality of the knobs on cabinetry are included in our comprehensive scope of loss estimate, we prepare for your insurance company. The Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. team has inspected thousands of insurance losses over the years, so you can rest assured we know what to look for and where to look. 

· Accurate Documentation of Losses 

All of our findings are carefully documented and entered into the Xactimate computer software, the industry standard. Numerous digital photos are taken and included to show quality and quantities. 

· Estimates Based On Fairway Design & Construction, Inc.  Database 

We meticulously estimate the cost of replacing your lost property at current, local replacement prices. Using our own database, we examine the way we have settled previous insurance claims and more importantly, our actual cost database is updated nearly every day, so we are always up to date with what can be expected in terms of actual rebuilding costs. 

· Special Attention To Claim Preparation 

We meet with you and your insurance adjuster to help you resolve your insurance claim, making certain that all hidden damages and small details are included. After all the value of your home goes beyond standard insurance company checklists and databases that are compiled somewhere far away from Northern California. 


A complete and accurate package can be presented to your insurance company in days, not weeks, and can be settled quickly and accurately so you can stop worrying and we can begin rebuilding your home as quickly as possible. 


Every client in our 25 year history has changed at least one component of their home before rebuilding. Another of our tried and true course of action plans assures the design process moves quickly and accurately. 

· Conceptual Designs and Preliminary Layouts 

From your written ideas, sketches and verbally communicated thoughts, we work with you to transform your theoretical ideas into a drawn conceptual design for your review and comments. Once the concept drawing is approved a preliminary layout of the floor plans will be prepared for your further fine-tuning. 

· Rough Estimate On Costs 

With preliminary layouts in hand we will take a first look at construction costs to determine if you are in the range of construction costs you would like to be in. It’s very inexpensive to make changes with an eraser at this time, not with a hammer later. 

· Construction Documents 

Once the preliminary drawings are established and the rough construction costs are in the appropriate range, the construction document process will begin. Using computer aided drafting we create the necessary drawings needed to obtain building permits. 

· Building Permits 

Obtaining building permits in the Bay Area has become one of the longest phases of the fire reconstruction process. The combination of local building department approvals, fire marshal approvals and or neighborhood and HOA approvals has caused the building plan review process to routinely take up to 6 months or more. Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. has established relationships with several local building inspectors and plan checkers, and we utilize these long term relationships to expedite the building permit approval process on every one of our projects. 


A complete set of construction documents and building permits that have filtered through many bureaucratic processes as quickly as possible. Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. will commence the construction phase within 1 business day upon receipt of the building permit. 


· Jobsite Superintendent 

The first and most important step in the construction phase of a project is assigning one of our Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. Jobsite Superintendents to your project. This person will become your point person for all items pertaining to the reconstruction of your house. All of our superintendents are required to have their cell phones on at all times during business hours, so day to day communications will be effortless. 

· Manager of Construction

Your Jobsite Superintendent reports directly to our Manager of Construction. Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. believes the Manager of Construction position is an essential extra rung of project supervision that provides you with another level of quality and management experience. 

· Project Schedule

The Jobsite Superintendent working with our Manager of Construction will prepare a Project Schedule within the first week after construction has commenced. This schedule will have several milestone dates and a completion date to assure you that your project is moving along at the proper rate and finished when we say it will be finished. 

· Finish Selections

This is usually most difficult and challenging segment of the rebuilding process for you the homeowner. For example, it’s very exciting to think about buying a new cooktop. However, there are many things to keep in mind when selecting appliances, like is the new cooktop gas or electric? What’s currently in the wall? Gas or electric? Does the new cooktop work with your new cabinet layout? Or do you want to design the new cabinet layout around the new cooktop? There are a lot of questions for every item that is installed in a typical house and if a completion date is to be met you will need to make a lot of finish selection decisions in a timely manner. 


Fairway Design & Construction, Inc. experienced crews using our proven project management methods for managing the day to day rebuilding of your home assures you that the project schedule will be on time and the quality of the workmanship is top notch.